With the 2014 Indiana State Fair behind us, then the 2014 Hoosier Beef Congress (HBC) is just around the corner. We have now updated the HBC website with information and entry forms for the 2014 event. Be sure to check them out and get those entries sent in early. Sale Cattle Entries are due by October 15th and Junior Show Entries are once again due by November 1, 2014.

The 2014 Hoosier Beef Congress is again shaping up to be one of our most exciting and best events ever. but with a few new wrinkles. This year, we are happy to announce that the showmanship and the junior show will be available to view online. We know that many fans of HBC who are unable to attend in person will be delighted with the quality of video they will have available.

As always, there will be a few new changes that everyone will need to be aware of and they will be communicated in the coming weeks. But for now, know that your HBC Committee and Leadership is working hard to bring everyone another great event this year.

This year, we will be expanding that auction to the first 30 spots in line. We will continue to assign stalls, first come, first served, after the auctioned off spots in line have been taken care of. Again as last year, half of the proceeds will be donated to the charity of choice for the IJBCA this year. In the past, the rules said that one person could get stalls for three additional participants. Due to some confusion, this year each spot in line, whether that be the ones auctioned off or the ones held by those who wait in line, will be able to get stalls for everyone in their household (people that live at one address) and for those exhibitors in one additional household. The old rules could get confusing with multiple siblings and how they were to be handled, so this year we will utilize households or those family members living under one roof as the determination of how many stalls each person in line can get.

One last change that we wanted to make everyone aware of is that we will be changing the way we select the Top 5 Heifers and Steers for the 2012 HBC. This year, we will continue to bring in the Reserve Champion Steers and Heifers each time a Breed Champion is selected. In the past, we only allowed one Reserve Champion to come into contention for the Top 5, the animal that stood Reserve to the one selected as the Grand Champion. This year we continue to let the Reserves to come in after their particular Champion is selected, until the Top 5 have been chosen. We will not be going deeper in a particular breed division while picking our Top 5 than Champion and Reserve Champion.



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